How do I get my ladder back up?

It’s difficult, they are heavy. We will send one of our guys over there to do it and there will be no charge.

I need to get my fire escape certified

We can help you with the process. Contact us today!


We guarantee for a year the work we preform on your fire escape.


908 Compliant
604 Compliant

Professional Organizations

We belong to the BBB, SFAA, PPMA, EBRHA (East Bay Rental Housing Association) and the California AA

Free fire escape demonstrations

We are willing to give free demonstrations – show you how it works – we are happy to do that but during confines of our work hours – 9am to 3pm. We believe this is something tenants in a building whether its an apartment or business need to know. We will provide written instructions you can provide to your tentants.


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