We Are the Original San Francisco Fire Escape Maintenance Service

Fire Escape Maintenance

With yearly service a Fire Escape can last 20-30 years and possibly save lives

  • We inspect all parts of the Fire Escape from the roof to lowest landing, noting any hazards or violations.
  • Cables get rusted and brittle and can break at any time
  • We use a lubricant to free up frozen or bound Fire Escapes
  • All fire escapes should be serviced every year

Why Work With Us

We are the only service company that offers you a specially designed galvanized barrel (designed by us) to insure you are getting the safest barrel on the market today.

For insurance purposes, all fire escapes should be serviced every year, as suggested by the manufacturers.

Outstanding Five-Star Support

We always remind you when annual service is due and issue completion certificates. Should photographs be required to show repairs we will supply them at no additional cost.

We Can Help

  • 10% discount to SFAA members
  • 3 year contracts offered to Management companies
  • Fire escape maintenance, minor repairs and referrals